Caper's Clams®

Our cultured clams are shipped and delivered as pristine, clean, and guaranteed grit free. Same Day Harvest/Delivery or Shipment

Immature hard-shell seed clams (Mercenaria Mercenaria), a few millimeters in size, are purchased from a local shellfish hatchery and planted like grass seed on the marine intertidal bottom, a rich pluff mud. Mesh netting is used to keep the predators at bay. After 3 years of tending in nutrient rich saline waters the clam is ready. The cultivation of indigenous clams enhances the marine eco-system. As the increased populations grow and release spawn into the tidal currents, they are distributed throughout the marsh. Clams and oysters also provide important habitat for other sea life and increase water quality by filtering suspended sediments and breaking down nutrients.

Directly after harvest, clams remain in their natural habitat held in racks floating in the highly oxygenated surface water. This specialized purging method removes all grit from the shell and stomach. Clammer Dave's Caper's Clams® are full of pure algae resulting in a clean sweet meat with abundant tongue-curling salty liquor. Finally, they are pressure washed, hand graded, packed in external compression bags and thermally tempered for shipping and enhanced shelf life.

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