Caper's Blades® - Oysters

Capers Blades (our oysters) are shipped and delivered as pristine, clean, single oysters. Guaranteed Grit Free, White Tablecloth, Raw Half-Shell Quality. Same Day Harvest/Delivery

Naturally occurring reefs of the Eastern Oyster (Crassotrea Virginica) ring the tidal bays and creeks of Clammer Dave's farm. Oysters grow in clusters in elongated shells, locally known as "Blades". Sustainable cultivation is simply removing the large ones and always leaving the small. Hand harvested, they are uniquely reduced to singles by a method of chisel and stone adapted from historical records of the era of slavery. Shrimp, crabs, fish, mussels and juvenile oysters living in the clusters are left on the oyster reef in continuation of the sustainable practice dating back 300 years.

Directly after harvest, clams and oysters remain in their natural habitat held in racks floating in the highly oxygenated surface water. This specialized purging method removes all grit from the shell and stomach. Clammer Dave's Caper's Blades® are full of pure algae resulting in a clean sweet meat with abundant tongue-curling salty liquor. Finally, they are pressure washed, hand graded, packed in external compression bags and thermally tempered for shipping and enhanced shelf life.